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Welcome to TOLMAR Australia.

TOLMAR Australia is a specialist uro-oncology company providing medicines and locally informed support to men with advanced prostate cancer, as well as healthcare professionals in Australia and New Zealand.

TOLMAR Australia comprises a dedicated team of highly-trained people with extensive experience in urology and oncology, motivated and resourced to work directly with the uro-oncology community.

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Improvements in screening, diagnosis and treatment mean many men in Australia and New Zealand are living longer with prostate cancer.1 TOLMAR Australia is focused on helping these men achieve the best possible quality of life.

To support the ongoing and integrated care of prostate cancer patients, we recently introduced a national in-home injection service that enables men to be treated at a time and place that suits them, complemented by 24-hour telephone access to nurse support - all free of charge to themselves and their healthcare professionals.

Reference: AIHW 2013. Prostate cancer in Australia. Cancer series 79. Cat. no. CAN 76. Canberra: AIHW.

Research funding

We are committed to supporting research that advances the management and palliation of prostate cancer.

For more information about applying for a grant, please visit Research and Development.