A suite of highly accurate, non-invasive, urine based diagnostic tests for the effective and early detection, triaging and monitoring of bladder cancer. These are significant new tools for specialists, and a step change in how bladder cancer is detected and managed.
Bladder Cancer.

Bladder cancer is the ninth most prevalent cancer globally and the fifth most common cancer among men.

Almost 3,000 people diagnosed in Australia every year and 75,000 new cases in the US annually.

If detected early, bladder cancer is treatable but it has one of the highest recurrence rates of all cancers, requiring regular monitoring.

TOLMAR Australia is a specialised uro-oncology organisation, providing medicines and support to those with advanced prostate cancer and fertility issues. We have strong working relationships with urologists to explore progressive approaches to treatment and care.

In line with TOLMAR's vision, and support of progressive approaches to urological cancer management and treatment, our strategic commercial partnership with Pacific Edge Limited gives us the ability to deliver products and support to those being investigated or treated for bladder cancer.

Bladder Cancer Support.

TOLMAR Australia is proud to join with Pacific Edge and Melon Health to provide a world-first online bladder cancer patient community. bladdercancer.me will provide support and information for patients, their families and care-givers.

The ability to connect with other people going through the same thing can provide deep comfort and support, and the development of online technologies in recent years means that this connection can occur virtually as patients and medical researchers start seeing how empowering this form of social connection can be.”

In addition to the online resources and community often seen on other cancer ‘community’ sites, bladdercancer.me also offers tools for symptom tracking and reminders, and provides patients with a look-up tool for urologists and access to a urologist nurse*.

*NZ only at this time (May 2016)

To find out more about joining bladdercancer.me, visit bladdercancer.me